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Why You're Afraid To Invest In A Website...

I was shocked! 

11:27am 15th November in the year of our Lord 2018. I had just hung up from a local business. And what the receptionist said to me had caught me totally off guard!

I was calling local businesses to see if they had a website. When I asked the receptionist at this particular company, Do you guys have a website? 

She hesitated, gave a lil laugh and then said, ” Well, we had one. But the owner took it down because he said it wasn’t making any money and actually costing him money”

Out of all the the responses I was expecting, I wasn’t prepared for that one!

Like I said, “I was shocked!”

You don't want to invest in a website because you're not sure how it will help your business


The call that day shocked me but it also confirmed my suspicion that many businesses were not getting value for their investment from expensive website designers.

And it reinforced that my approach to website design was the right one for the local community.


How I approach Website Design...

Every project starts with a deep dive in to the client's business. We try to have a deep understanding of what you offer, who your ideal client is. What you want your website to do for your business. How your current business is using the internet and what are your core business processes.
The information gained in Phase 1 is used to develop the best design strategy for your website. Design is not only focused on the "look" but the functionality and strategy behind the website to get your ideal client to take the desired action that will benefit your business the most.
Business Strategy
This is critical to your success. We don't just design your website and leave you to figure it out. We provide a step by step guide on how to use it to accomplish your business goals. That is why we spend the time learning about your business in phase one. A website with no business strategy is a beautiful car without an engine.
Support & Follow-up
This is super important. Once you are our client we stick with you so that you always have a resource available to answer your questions, provide guidance or help with any technical issue you may experience. We are committed to delivering more than double the value you invested with us. We got your back!
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

This approach ensures that your business gets the best results from your design project. You can be sure that your investment is geared toward results. 

Businesses That Are Not Using The Internet Effectively Will Soon Be Out Of Business

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Here's What You Get...

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    Mobile Responsive Design
    The majority of users now access websites on multiple devices from laptops, desktops to tvs, tablets, and cellphones. Its important that your website is accessible on all these screens and is usable. A site that is not mobile responsive will not be effective for your business.
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    Essential Pages
    There are several pages that every website absolutely must have. Some of these pages are public facing (home, about, services, blog and contact) to background (404, archives, sitemap, thank you, privacy policies and terms).
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    Professional Email
    There is nothing that says you're not serious about business than a public email address. Every business should have a professional email address for branding as well as security purposes.
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    Website Strategy
    A key component of our website design is how your business is going to use the website. We put together a plan for you that covers how to get your customers using the site and how to integrate the website with your business processes.
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    Much More...
    We don't count how many pages your website have or limit our features. We are focused on giving you the most effective website possible for your business! Contact us to see how we can assist your business.